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Hybrid Synergy Tappouleh

Hybrid Synergy Tappouleh

Created: Saturday, March 25, 2006
By: Jeffrey Joseph Atto
Notes: This is called "Hybrid Synergy Tappouleh" because it is actually a combination of ingredients from both Tappouleh, and Fattoush, with other unique modifications

1 - Large Bunch (or 2-3 smaller bunches) Curly Parsley
1 - Arabic Cucumber
1 - Hungarian Pepper
2 - Stalks (bunches?) Green Onion (Scallions)
6 - Radishes
1 - Cup (Firmly Packed) of Fresh Mint
½ - Cup Bulghur (mixture of #2 & #3)
3 - Tomatoes, Medium Sized & Firm
½ - Green Pepper
3 - Lemons
9 - Limes

1 - Teaspoon, Baharat Spice
1 - Teaspoon, Salt
½ - Teaspoon, Pepper
1 - Teaspoon, Dried Na'-Na' (mint)
½ - Cup, Olive Oil

1. Soak bulghur in warm water for 60 minutes. Drain out water using cheese cloth. Squeeze the cheese cloth as tightly as you can so as to really effectively dry the bulghur.
2. Wash all vegetables, and then dry using a salad spinner or some other method.
3. Chop up all of the vegetables (less the citrus) into tiny cubes. This is essential for the consistency and texture of the salad. Chop up the parsley and fresh mint as finely as possible. When chopping the tomatoes, do not add the slimy liqud ooze from the inside of the tomato into the salad.
4. Mix all vegetables together completely.
5. Add the baharat, salt, pepper, dried na'-na', and olive oil, and mix heartily.
6. At this point, add the juice of 9 limes, or the juice of 3 lemons. In my opinion, the dish tastes much better with lime juice, however this is non-standard. Mix thoroughly.
7. At this point, the salad is complete. Serve with fresh romaine lettuce leaves surrounding the salad. Pita bread also compliments the salad nicely.

Notes: I am told that a delicious variation includes garnishing the salad with chic peas. I have never tried this. Obviously the logical compliment to this entrée should be Hommous Bi-Taheni, but this is not a requirement. Finally, several people have attempted to correct my spelling and/or pronunciation of the word Tappouleh. My mother and grandmother pronounce the word as Tappouleh, so I will not write Tabooleee, Tabuli, Tabooli, or any other variation of the spelling. This would be like writing Baklava instead of Baklawa, which is surely the path to insanity. Enjoy this dish. Feel free to e-mail me with any comments or suggestions that you may have. E-mail

Futura Gardiniera

Created: (Unknown)
By: (Unknown)
Notes: This is a recipe that I learned about at the annual Futura Christmas Party for the most delicious Gardiniera that ever existed.

Winter peppers
White onion
Chopped garlic
Oregono leaf
Pommegranate (indian apple) seeds
Grapefruit juice
Olive oil