Getting Back to Basics
As created by: Brian J. Christian

In order to achieve and maintain a higher quality of life, there is a strong need to reduce the number of nuisances that can make life stressful, provoke anxiety, or in other words "piss you off."

To create an atmosphere that an individual will feel valued by others, and accept one's own "Personal Value" is beyond measure.

Action Plan:
  1. Riddance of deleterious friends.
  (i.e. "Folks who bring nothing but drama and pain")

  2. Finding a moment everyday to reflect on your personal goals and aspirations.
  (Realize what you are, and where you want to be-without this you won't go far.)

  3. Connecting or growing in whatever faith you choose, after all, life is about choice.
  (Be it Christianity, Buddhism, Wicca, Shinto, etc. Spiritual Growth is part of personal growth)

  4. Appreciate what you have accomplished, for yourself and others.
  (Who better to recognize your accomplishments than the person who made it happen!)

  5. Acquire like minded people to share in your life journeys.
  (These are the friends that will lift you up in life, not tear you down.)

  6. Don't let anyone hold you down, but call upon your inner strength to pick you up!
  (I.e. Fuck the fake Bitches.)

In our lives we must go through seasons. The Season most of us stay stuck in is:

Winter: Death of the old, Cold and barren, seemingly bleak.

We must acknowledge, look forward, and see that change is on the horizon. For we can see the other seasons on the Horizon Like:

Spring: The season of New Life and Growth
Summer: The Full Blossom of What we have planted to enhance our livelihood.
Fall: The Harvest of all the hard work you have dedicated to becoming the person you are today.

End Result: A happier, more productive life, you will appreciate with the dawn of every new day. Getting Back to Basics is more than a Statement; it is a way of life.